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Sponsorship Program

To ensure that the MPD Mounted Patrol Unit is able to operate and grow we are seeking financial support from corporations, organizations, and individuals to offset the unit's cost of operation.  We are requesting that you consider sponsoring one off our Mounted Patrol Horses. The tax-deductible donation of $5,000 sponsorship will cover all of the operating expenses for one horse for one year. In return for your sponsorship we offer:

  • On the horses stall we will display a plaque stating "Proudly Sponsored by (Name and Logo if applicable)"
  • Recognition on the MPD Mounted Patrol Foundation Website and Facebook Page mentions
  • Provided studio quality photos of the sponsored horse and sponsor designated personnel
  • Appearance of sponsored horse at one company/ organization event of choice of sponsor
  • Sponsored horse will wear a patch with Sponsor name and logo for one year

Sponsors must be of reputable character and in good legal standing in the community.   A police horse sponsor cannot be under criminal investigation or indictment by any criminal justice agency, nor can they have any known history of, or affiliation with any criminal activities or criminal organizations.   

Sponsorships will only be granted to businesses / corporations / organizations / individuals that reflect a positive image for the community and the police department.  No sponsorships will be allowed that are questionable or could bring reproach, discredit, or embarrassment to the department, therefore a background check will be completed on each applicant.  Each potential sponsor must apply, meet all selection criteria, and obtain approval by the MPD Mounted Patrol Foundation Board.   If the applicant is approved, the applicant will be directed to make their sponsorship donation to the MPD Mounted Patrol Foundation. Upon receipt of the donation, the sponsorship period will begin.

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The MPD Mounted Patrol Foundation is a registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization. We solely rely on donations to help support the needs of the MPD Mounted Patrol Unit. If you would like to help and support our Mission please click the donate button below, you will be directed to our PayPal account. If you prefer other ways to donate please contact us via email.